Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Life Week 2

I completed week 2 for PL – ony 50 more to go!!! This week brought back many memories from my paper scrapping days. I forgot how messy I was with a glue stick!!! This spread is about 95% digital products. I put everything on a 4 x 6 canvas and then had them printed at the local lab. I am currently wishing for a printer so I can do my printing at home. Joe and I may have to look into this investment. This week’s spread was a little more time consuming than I had anticipated so I may have to find a way to speed it up. I may just make everything digital, but still print out each 4 x 6 section to fill the pockets. I still want to see the boys’s handwriting and other hand drawn items, but I believe I can speed up the process by making almost everything in PSE. Even though I did use mostly digital products for this week, it was time consuming to cut all the little pieces out and glue them down. I did enjoy the process, but I know me and I have to be realistic in knowing what I can accomplish each week. I admire all those participating in Project Life. No matter if they are completing it digitally or with all paper supplies. This project is home to the little things in our lives. –The things I am more than likely to forget as time moves on. –The little sillly things that my family does…

I took these photos on a gloomy day so of course, I am not at all happy with them. But I am reminding myself about the freeing part of PL.  I am trying not to get hung up on little things and keep moving forward!

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