Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Does a 10 Year Old Crush Look Like?

So my oldest son has a sweet little crush on a girl that started coming to church. He is totally smitten! It was his idea to have a Valentine shoot. You know I jumped all over that one. My son is one handsome dude and I can see why he likes this girl. She is gorgeous! Well, my Mommy voice was saying, "He is way too young to get his photos made with a girl!" but my photography voice was saying, "This is going to be fabulous!".My photography voice won. I don't think my sweet hubby was too keen on the idea, but he was a good sport. I know how he felt. Afterall my Mommy voice was thinking the same thing as my husband's Daddy voice. In the end, I think it was a great experience - and even if these 2 don't get married, they will always know what a 10 year old crush looks like!

This is just a little sneak peek. More to come after our homeschool day.

The boys are finishing up their Math Drills so I have some time to post some of my favorite photos from this mini shoot. There were so many that I fell in love with - so I think I will call this part 1 and post part 2 soon! A special thanks to the mother of this beautiful child who was very willing to let me do this shoot!

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