Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Life Week 1

I am totally loving this idea! I had already resolved not to do any type of Project 365 or 366 this year. I was only going to have fun with my scrapping and not put any pressure on myself. Well Project Life is FUN and it is something we will cherish forever! The whole family is participating and I couldn’t be happier about that. I have seen both digital and hybrid versions out there. There a lot of people doing it this year. I love to see all the ideas on Pinterest and at Designer Digitals. I decided to do a hybrid version after discussing it with the boys. It makes them more involved with the project when they can hold the products in their hands. I want to post all the weeks here on my blog and in my gallery at DD. These are definitely real life moments from our life. I wouldn’t have time to scrap each little thing even if I wanted to – so this album is the perfect place for things like; –Camp getting a stick of butter out of the fridge to snack on OR Camp sittting on the potty after being completely potty trained! I probably wouldn’t have scrapped about Joe brushing Caden’s hair on Sunday morning OR Brennan sneaking my chocolate bar that I got for my birthday. Project Life lives up to its name and I am super excited to work on this with my Mallory boys!!!

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